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June 3, 2004   

Location Page


Here, you will find location coordinates (plus support info when ever available) for different areas of interest.

To do this, I'm counting on all of you to give me more info and more precise info.  See the links at the bottom of the page to provide this page the evolution it needs!

Location :

Kobold Cave

Area: Kobold Cave

Coordinates: 14,9 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)

Goblin Cave

Area: Goblin Cave

Coordinates: 17,23 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)

Orc Cave

Area: Orc Cave

Coordinates: 11,28 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)

Pirate Lair (For Paying Members Only)

Area: Pirate Lair

Coordinates: 39,13 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)


Area: Gnollhome

Coordinates: 22,20 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)

Tower Of Flogiston

Area: Tower Of Flogiston

Coordinates: 8,10 (X,Y)

Info Provided by: Melkor(6546)

Misc (related to the tower and which probably be Town Digest Info?):

Identifier 200 gp

Quest ID 1

Number Item 2
Gem of Ybira

Number Item 3
Pearl of Zerictred

Quest ID 3

Number Item 1
Scabbard of Xxe


Quest ID 2

Number Item  1
Pyrus of Magistratius









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