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June 3, 2004   

PLIT Games Online Games PLIT Games Online Games PLIT Games Online Games PLIT Games Online Games PLIT Games Online Games

Above are the links to the different Plit games, just pass your mouse over to click on the games.

This site is dedicated to publishing better coordinates for different SFP areas. In short, its conception is to bring about a map of the different worlds in Strive For Power.

  1. In the first page (Rumor Page), you will find plenty of info on plenty of secret things that goes on in Strive For Power, do you have the patience to sort through the info to find what you were looking for or will you go back and wait for lady luck to smile upon you?

  2. In the second page (Town Digest), you will find what every serious adventurer needs, info, lots of info, so much info you may go crazy by overloading your brain all at once!  The extensive info was create for you to know where you are heading to and gather the things you need to gather there.

  3. In the third page (Location), you will find information that should lead you to areas of interest like caves, quests and so forth.


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